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Nov 03, 2018

What is CivicLink?

CivicLink is a logistics tool to get registered voters to the polls en mass, who may have otherwise not gone due to lack of transportation or lack of community support.

Ride Sharing for Voters

Aimed at bridging the 35% of registered voters who are unable to make it to the polls due to transportation issues [1] with car-driving volunteers in the community. Other transportation modes we’re looking into are public buses and city shuttles.

Walking/CriticalMass [for voting]

Strength in numbers! Getting people engaged with their voting community through group walks or bike rides to the polls could increase opportunities for conversations and group forums.


Evaluation will happen as the we look into districts around Boston that may have varying levels of voter turnout (ie Cambridge, Dorchester etc). We plan to deploy CivicLink in these areas, with key indicators being volunteer turnout, and user interaction.


  • Britney Johnson (Project Lead), Océane Boulais, Yusuf Ahmad, Jenny Zhang, Shaurya Agarwal, Anne O’Connell, Jacob Kohn, Léopold Mebazaa


  • Britney: britneyj [at] mit [dot] edu

  • Océane: oceane [at] mit [dot] edu

  • Yusuf: yusufa [at] mit [dot] edu



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